Randy Douthit Overcomes the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Production Stress

Randy DouthitThe film industry did not get spared when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Many shows paused their production process to keep people safe. Randy Douthit was one of those who experienced this issue. The pandemic brought unique challenges that the production crew had not experienced before.

In order to prevent the spread of the disease, Judge Judy did virtual court sessions where she got the evidence details on a monitor. They used a background similar to their typical setting to allow the viewers to enjoy the show as in the previous days. Testing and vaccination were also necessary for everyone who came on set. Many people grumbled during the first days of this implementation since they did not see the reason for it. However, after a while, they saw friends and loved ones infected and willingly took the shots.

Randy Douthit completed the season successfully, and the viewers demanded a continuation of the series. However, instead of continuing with Judge Judy, they brought in an all-new series named Judy Justice. Due to the high demand, the production team had to work on 120 episodes within three months. This was a very demanding task, but it happened successfully, and the viewers began to enjoy the show in 2021.

Transitioning from a series that aired for over two decades to a new one came with its own challenges. However, the workflow was easy since Douthit worked with a familiar team and the same judge, Judy Sheindlin. The main difference is in the case handling and the length of each session. In the previous show, the cases were short and not detailed. However, Judge Judy now takes time to teach the audience the process of analyzing the evidence and decision-making. She is also handling real people with real legal issues.

Randy DouthitRandy Douthit and his team aim to make Judy Justice a binge-worthy show, as with the previous series. The response is already overwhelming, and people are enjoying this new direction that they have taken. These shows have been helping many Americans learn how to deal with their legal matters and the expected conduct during court sessions. Douthit and his team continue to produce high-quality sessions with increased diversity that will keep the audience glued to their TVs.