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Stitch Fix offers advice on how to wear the most popular men´s wear

Despite the unfortunate heat wave that the United States of America is currently going through, it’s already September, which means that fall is right around the corner. One thing about Stitch Fix is that they do not just sell men’s and women’s fashion, but they also offer sage advice.


So, a great start for men now, during the heatwave, is to take advantage of the high temperatures now, is to stock up on clothes for the fall. And a great way to do that for men is to load up on cardigans,according to the Stitch Fix fashion blog. 


In our how-to-wear section, there is a great article on the multi-dimensional aspects of fashion via a cardigan. Stitch Fix advises how a cardigan sweater should fit, a must-know for any man considering this classic look.


This, as well as sage advice on what to wear under a whole cardigan sweater. No matter whether it is just a little chilly outside, or downright cold, requiring a sweater underneath your cardigan, the cardigan sweater look is adaptable (Marketscreener).


We demonstrate in this article how to wear cardigans at work, how to wear cardigans with jeans, how to wear cardigans with a sweater, and believe it or not, even how to wear a cardigan in the summer when a chill does arise in the evenings. This is just an example of how Stitch Fix goes beyond the routine to offer the wisest and freshest fashion advice.