“The Philanthropic Journey of Cordelia Scaife May”

Cordelia Scaife May, a name synonymous with philanthropy, left an indelible mark on the realm
of charitable giving. Born into the esteemed Mellon family in 1928, Cordelia
Scaife May strategically harnessed her substantial wealth to create a better world. 

Motivated by her own cloistered upbringing, Cordelia Scaife May established her inaugural
philanthropic venture, the Laurel Foundation, at just 23,
in 1951. With a focus on the arts, education, and women’s empowerment, the
foundation soon became a beacon of strategic giving. 

Even after the death of her husband in 1974, Cordelia Scaife May’s commitment to philanthropy
remained unwavering. Her charitable efforts spanned land conservation,
watershed protection, and environmental education, reflecting her deep concern for the planet’s well-being. 

Cordelia Scaife May was particularly attuned to the implications of rapid
urbanization and industrialization on the environment. Recognizing the strain
that population expansion places on the Earth’s resources, she focused her
philanthropic efforts on creating a sustainable balance. 

In 1996, Cordelia Scaife May initiated the Colcom Foundation, a testament to her enduring
dedication to various causes. The foundation, fueled by her substantial
endowment, emerged as a driving force in environmental conservation and population control. 

The legacy of Cordelia Scaife May goes beyond her financial contributions. Her remarkable
philanthropic journey reflects a nuanced understanding of the
interconnectedness between population dynamics, environmental sustainability,
and social welfare. Cordelia Scaife May’s life serves as a poignant reminder of
the far-reaching impacts of thoughtful, strategic philanthropy. 

In her passing in 2005, Cordelia Scaife May left behind not just a remarkable fortune but also a
legacy of conscientious giving. She may have left the world, but the positive
ripples of her philanthropic efforts continue to impact numerous lives and
causes across the globe. A true celebration of Cordelia Scaife May’s life lies
in embracing her philanthropic spirit and continuing her mission for a
sustainable and balanced world. Refer to this page for related information. 


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