Interest Rates

The Greycoat Real Estate Team Notes That Additional Increases in Interest Rates May Be Required to Help Deal With Inflation Issues

As a leading independent real estate firm that has enjoyed success within the industry for the past four-and-a-half decades, Greycoat Real Estate is a London-based company that regularly offers valuable insights into current stories of importance (Building). 


An issue that the team recently weighed in regarding the real estate industry is the fact that some experts believe that the current issue with rising inflation might have to be addressed with further increases in interest rates. Greycoat real estate agency assures that this has been pointed out by one of the top rate-setters working for the Bank of England. 


The rate-setter in question noted that they believe it is important to support this move. The Greycoat Real Estate team points out that experts such as the one in question believe that inflation will continue to persist if interest rates are left at their current levels. 


It has also been pointed out that it is a better option to increase them too much as this will be less damaging than increasing rates too little. Another thing pointed out by the Greycoat Real Estate team is the fact that interest rates have increased continually since the end of 2021. 


This has caused homeowners to experience large increases to their variable and fixed-rate mortgages. At the current time, markets are anticipating that the central bank will boost rates further. They are likely to hit 5.5 per cent as real estate experts explain. What can be said for certain is the fact that industry professionals such as those who make up the team at Greycoat Real Estate will be keeping a close eye on this situation as it continues to develop.