The Teaching Approach of Success Academy

Success Academy Charter Schools is one of the best performing and largest public charter schools in New York. The school’s admission is open to all students residing in New York and accepts even students with special needs. The students are admitted through random lottery in April every year. Success Academy has a total of 41 schools in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. Success Academy Schools are strictly accountable for the performance of the student and must report to the state. The mission of the school is to build exceptional, world class schools that prove that all children irrespective of their background can succeed in college and life and to advocate to change public policies which prevent children from accessing opportunities across the country.


At middle school level, the students are taught using an international standard curriculum. A number of electives are offered to explore the student’s creativity, self-awareness and experiential learning since this is the pre-adolescence transitional period.


The approach of the high school to ensure their students have good grades and engage in positive developments, as well as community involvement is commitment to changing the lives of the students. The school functions as one system. Teachers and the school leaders work together on the children’s socio-emotional welfare and academic advancement. The students are taught critical thinking at all levels of the schools and this helps them to develop self-advocacy and independence skills.


The schools use a rigorous curriculum that teaches problem solving techniques, public speaking, and academic writing. The scholars have an opportunity to attend summer programs, international trips and internships. This exposes them to the world, an ideal work environment, and sharpens their social skills. The schools also partner with families and counsellors to offer counselling services to their students.


Success Academy has been ranked among the top performing schools of New York State for eight consecutive years. Out of the 4,230 students at the school; 82% were proficient in ELA and 94% were proficient in Maths. The students with disability at the school surpassed their peers in other school and even performed better than English native speaking students and students without disabilities. The school ranked top in Math, English, and Science respectively.