The Oxford Club Offers Tips On Higher Returns In 2018

Recently, Investment U posted an article entitled, “Three Simple Steps to Higher Returns This Year”, written by Alexander Green. Green is the chief investment strategist at the Oxford Club.

The article details equity investments in the coming New Year.

The first tip from the Oxford Club is to simply save more. Since the majority of Americans haven’t saved enough to be adequately prepared for retirement, it is important to start saving as soon as possible. After all, Social Security may not provide as much after retirement as many Americans think. The second tip is to cut your investment costs, seeing as how the goal is for you to make money without your advisor ripping you off. And finally, their third tip is simply rebalancing your portfolio. With these tips, you can improve your investments and return.

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989.

It is owned by The Agora and is based out of Baltimore, Maryland. They are an independent financial publisher and proudly boast over 80,000 members across the globe. Besides their financial seminars and symposiums, they also are known for their monthly newsletters. They are read by readers in over 100 countries.

Their current CEO is Julia Guth.

And this private organization has presented an easy-to-use investment strategy to their members for over two decades. This financial club was originally inspired by a group by the name of The Merchants & Brokers Exchange. This group would go on to be turned over to The Agora in the mid-80’s.