The Modern Pediatric Surgeon and Researcher-Dr. Mark Holterman

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Mark Holterman continues to serve in his field of expertise at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, where he serves as the Professor of Surgery & Pediatrics. He is also a founder and CEO of Mariam Global Health, a global business firm that focuses on helping scientists and healthcare professionals build their business and bring their innovations to the market.

As a professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Dr. Holterman also contributes to the Programs of Clinical Excellence through its Pediatrics Department (Facebook). The program provides advanced education to students through research and treatment of childhood diseases. The staff uses the latest advancements to improve children’s healthcare in the state while providing a source of livelihood for physicians in the area.

The Programs of Clinical Excellence administers ten initiatives that include the Thriving Illinois Kids Engagement System, the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, the Pediatric Diabetes Program, and the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center ( Other areas of interest are pediatric lung research, pediatric neurological and developmental disorders, asthma and follow-ups of childhood cancer survivors.

Dr. Mark Holterman is also serving as a pediatric surgeon at OSF Healthcare and has held various surgery positions at Rush University Medical Center, Advocate Children’s Hospital, Seattle Children’s and the University of Virginia. He also maintains links to several professional organizations such as American College of Surgeons, American Academy of Pediatrics, Surgical Section, American Diabetes Association, and is a co-founder at the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT)

AACT has collaborated with CellR4 to publish researches from AACT conferences. The research focuses on knowledge around cellular repair, regeneration, reprogramming, and differentiation. In one of his blogs, DR. Holterman, explains how cellular therapies can help heal injuries and combat illnesses. The research aims at proving how transplanted cells can help revitalize the healing process and boost the body’s immune system.

In addition to being a professor and pediatric surgeon, Dr. Holterman’s contributions towards research earned him the Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). He also received the America’s Top Doctors honor form Castle Connolly and the NIH Medical Scientist Training Program.


Paul Mampilly: From Wall Street to Main Street

A recent article in the Reporter Expert highlighted Paul Mampilly who is a former hedge fund manager, American investor, and winner of the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition. He advised potential investors who require guidance on which stocks to buy. A large number of individuals have no idea what to invest in, so his guidance was much needed.

According to Paul Mampilly, it is advisable for new investors to focus on innovative trends and technology. He predicts that eventually, Americans will prefer owning electric vehicles as opposed to the traditional gasoline-run cars. This makes Electric Vehicle Stocks a great investment opportunity for the future. He claims that holding electric vehicle stocks is a great appeal to a growing number of investors.

Mampilly also forecasted that precision medicine is also a great technological trend for the future. Precision medicine facilitates accurate diagnosis of diseases such as cancer by using genetic testing. A patient’s genetic profile will enable a trained physician to understand his/her personal DNA code. The doctor then uses this information to compare the DNA to genetic information found in a database that is extremely comprehensive. Mampilly suggests that buying stocks that are representing genetic testing companies is a good first step as well. One other area that he recommended for first-time investors was food delivery systems that specialize in healthy meals.

Paul Mampilly prefers to take the guesswork out of investing by guiding investors to make better-informed choices. He is currently a senior editor with Banyan Hill Publishing, which he joined in 2016. His main goal is to help the main street Americans learn more about growth investing and find wealth in it as well as technology and small-cap stocks, and more information click here.

Paul Mampilly’s career began on Wall Street in 1991.He was an assistant portfolio manager at Banker’s Trust. His career growth was swift, and before long he was managing multimillion-dollar accounts at Deutsche Bank and ING. He was recruited by the owners of Kinetics Asset Management, a $6 billion firm, to manage their hedge fund. The firm’s assets quickly rose to $25 billion.

His decision to walk away from Wall Street was brought about by him being tired of its fast pace and of making money for only the top 1%. He retired to spend more time with his family and instead focus on helping everyday people make money on their investments, and

How George Soros Manages To Blend Business And Philanthropy

George Soros is one of the most astute business men and philanthropists in the world. For over 40 years, the tycoon has specialized in the field of financial services, hedge funds, and speculative trading. His abilities to predict market trends and invest in the global trade of currencies have enabled him to generate a lot of wealth. George Soros has also entrenched in himself, a culture of giving back to the society. No one knows how to help others better than Soros.

George Soros’ achievements in the corporate world cannot be gainsaid. He has achieved many feats making him one of the most acclaimed hedge fund managers on Wall Street. George Soros is a good example of how an individual can rise from obscurity into one of the most influential persons on the globe. Soros has helped budding entrepreneurs with expert advice on how they can build fast growing enterprises in the sector of investment and financial services.

The Hungarian investor has had to overcome a lot of challenges to become a high-net-worth individual. When he was young, he came face to face with the hand of death. Soros and his family were victims of the Nazi occupation. They had to come up with clever tricks for them to survive. Soros’ dad procured false identities so that his family could not be harmed during the war. These experiences helped shape the entrepreneur’s values and philosophies. The fact that a few tricks helped save their lives made George Soros come up with initiatives that seek to alleviate challenges found in many societies. George Soros understands that for his initiatives to be of a bigger impact on the society, he has to educate and nurture a new crop of leaders who will ensure that governments are just and accountable and more information click here.

George Soros would not have lived to see another day had his dad not acquired false identities for them to evade the Nazi Occupation. During that time of war, George Soros saw how the power of love could transcend any evil in the society. His family helped other families escape death too. Because George Soros became such as a success in the corporate world, his new found obsession is in philanthropy. George Soros’ encounter with philosopher Karl Popper helped shape his values and virtues. That is why the entrepreneur is always working to ensure everyone gets access to opportunities that can also assist them to prosper and what George knows.

George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics. He has put his expertise and knowledge into practice by establishing businesses within the sector of finance. George Soros believes that the youth hold the key a just and more equitable society. His charities have always worked to ensure that the youth get access to quality education and George’s lacrosse camp.

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José Borghi is One of the Most Influential Advertisers in Brazil

José Henrique Borghi, founder of the Mullen Lowe agency, previously known as Borghi Lowe, is renowned as one of the most prominent advertisers in the medium. He is the creator of campaigns of great repercussion like Mammals of Parmalat, in which children appeared dressed in animal costumes and sang memorable jingles and the one of the Sazón with the hit of Zezé di Camargo and Luciano, “It is the love”, that also is remembered to this day.

While still in junior high school, his sister called him to see a performance at the Castro Neves Theater to help him decide on his career. The performance was a display of profitable Vts that were given in Cannes. From there, José Borghi already knew what his career would be, but he could hardly have predicted that in the future he would be winning one of the Cannes lions.

Born in Presidente Prudente, José Borghi graduated from PUC Campinas in Advertising and Propaganda by PUC. His first job was in 1989 at the agency Standart Ogilvy. His exemplary workat the Ad Agency and surpassed reputed agencies such as the FCB, Talent and Léo Burnett. Together with Erh Ray they started BorghiErh.

They started with nothing and hard to work hard doing everything from media to planning, to designing and serving. The success was great and was soon bought by Lowe, becoming Borghi Lowe in December 2006. Recently merged with Lowe & Partners and the Mullen group, the agency is now called Mullen Lowe Brasil.

From the beginning of his career he has been in charge of important cases, besides those already mentioned. The advertiser’s campaigns for Honda and other large companies that have won several awards.The most prominent awards are: 14 Cannes Lions, 7 London Festival Awards, 10 The One Show Awards, 11 at the New York Festival, 15 April Advertising Awards among other Brazilian advertising recognitions and more information click here.

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Livio Bisterzo’s Green Park Brands On The Rise As Investors Join In

Many entrepreneurs will attest to the fact that success does not come easily. For those who have been successful like the CEO Green Parks Brands Livio Bisterzo, they will tell you that they had to fail severally before getting to where they are today. Having begun his entrepreneurial venture back in college, Livio says that he tried to venture into different industries and sometimes he did fail miserably but still never lost his enthusiasm. This might be the reason behind the success of his fast growing brand globally.

In 2015, the 35 years old father of three founded the Green Park Holdings with a vision of operating brands that lead to positive change in the food and drinks industry. In 2016, Green Park Brands launched their first brand Hippeas which is a snack that has rapid growth both in the UK and US coming in six flavors. The nutritious snack brought into spotlight chickpeas and targets millennial globally. Hippeas are low in calorie, rich in protein and also non-GMO. Chickpeas also release nitrogen back to the soil so there is a mutual benefit for both the soil and the plant.

Recently, Livio Bisterzo made it known that they were pleased to have on board a new investor in their family who share with them their vision as a company. Apart from Strand Equity Partners, Academy award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has also invested a minority in the vegan company. DiCaprio is also an environmental activist.

The Italian entrepreneur based in Los Angeles has always had the passion towards leading a healthy lifestyle which saw him establish the Green Park Holdings. Bisterzo attributes his hard-working traits to his parents who he terms as very hardworking. In only a year, his brand had launched 18000 retailers and was still on the rise.

According to Livio, what encourages him most is the enormous feedback they get from people asking where they could get their products and also appreciate the brand. In 2009, he was nominated one of London’s most influential people.

For more information about Livio Bisterzo, just click here.

David McDonald of OSI Industries Shares his Entrepreneurial Experience

David McDonald is popularly known for OSI Group where he serves diligently. When David joined OSI three decades ago, he confesses to having found a company full of potential and tremendous aspiration of growth. As such, he bought into the firm’s vision and enjoyed working with staff members who had “an appetite” for expansion. All along OSI industries have appreciated their clients as significant figures who are the reason they keep expanding their horizons. Their presence has grown in several nations, which makes their vision change shape and focus on premier global food provision. David McDonald, in an interview, discloses that they have been true to their mission, which is why their clients have driven their growth quite substantially and what David knows.

How OSI Group has Remained Relevant in Decades

OSI Group has expanded in very many nations so far. It started with development of numerous formal partnerships. While at it, all their associates learned how to study their specific markets and approach their customer needs uniquely. They then merged and created governance that would oversee business approvals for substantial expenditures. Over time some of their partners exited the markets, but they went ahead to maintain global sourcing ideologies. As David explains, OSI ensures continued relevance by ensuring brands act locally despite having an umbrella venture that is global. Narrowing down in such a manner helps them in leveraging their global presence and his Google.

Various Approaches That OSI Handles Uniquely

Innovation is highly valued at OSI Group. David McDonald is a fantastic leader who appreciates customer feedback. In fact, this is what challenges them to explore probable opportunities. Usually, menu creation crews are encouraged to come up with something new and unique, which goes a long way in pioneering modern-day food products. When they make mistakes, they are embraced as stepping stones on which they scale to greater heights. Additionally, OSI Group values their employees a lot. They hold them as a family, and this helps them work tirelessly towards achieving their family goals. Whether for their families or clients, OSI works smart to achieve worthwhile results. David encourages his colleagues to remain in pursuit as they work on delivering consumer preferences.

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Capital Challenges Buffett

Warren Buffett, whose proven his acute business acumen over the course of a storied career, recently made a wager with a group of hedge fund managers for $1 million to be donated to charity, that he can achieve higher returns by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. As the end-date for the wager approaches, it looks as though Warren Buffet will come out on top and collect the funds. Warren Buffett’s stance in making this wager came from his view that many of the funds currently available on the market are expensive and achieve such little return. According to Warren Buffett, simple, low-cost investments should be held for the long-term, therefore allowing a safer road to high-yield investments. While Timothy Armour agrees with much of Mr. Buffett’s strategy, their perspective’s diverge when it comes to the safety of utilizing the S&P 500 passive index fund. Armour believes that although traditionally thought to be the safe investment choice, it is now time to challenge that theory. As per a recent survey in which 1200 investors were reviewed online, nearly half of them were unaware of the volatility that they are exposed to during market downturns, as the safety factor is nearly nonexistent in comparison with its counterpart. Over time it has been observed that on average, actively managed funds have done worse, but there have been several exceptions that have outperformed. Timothy Armour looks to this example: If an investor placed $10,000 in the very first S&P 500 passive index fund, today he would have over $500,000, but if that same amount were placed in one of the top-performing active funds from American Funds, the return on investment would have been higher and more information click here.

Timothy Armour is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group and Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., having over 34 years of experience in the investment world. He graduated from Middlebury College in 1983, where he soon after joined The Associates Program, beginning his career with Capital Group and learn more about Timothy.

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Nathaniel Ru – Article recap

It seems like every day a new restaurant or restaurant chain is popping up somewhere, like mushrooms. Like mushrooms, they disappear after a short time, usually within six months. Sweetgreen is not one those restaurant chains. Started in 2007, SweetGreen is going from success to success and they now have over 40 locations around the country. The company was founded by three former college friends Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. The concept of the restaurant is simple. That is, to serve healthy, tasty salads, that are locally produced. It’s not only salads they are into, but soups also. Learn more:

Mr.Ru’s philosophy is very simple, he wants to provide healthier food for people. He wants the company to stand by that, and not be just another restaurant chain shoveling unhealthy food to customers on a daily basis. In fact, it was the trio’s experience while attending George Town University that they decided to start this restaurant concept, and they first opened one in the George Town area. The local restaurants basically served tasteless, unhealthy food. They knew that they were doing something right when during the first winter break after they opened, business was still going well despite the absence of college students. Learn more:

However, it’s not only about the food, that makes SweetGreen stand out. Their management style is different. Like most companies, they do not have only one CEO, but three. All three of them are CEO’s and they share responsibilities according to need. In fact, they don’t even have a corporate headquarters in the traditional sense. As Ru himself puts it “we want to decentralize our headcount”. SweetGreen is also a pioneer of sorts, as they were one of the first restaurants to take orders through their website, as well as through an app! Learn more:

Nathaniel Ru, one of the founders of SweetGreen, was born and raised in Pasadena, California. It was while attending McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University that he got the idea to start SweetGreens. He first talked about his idea with his classmates Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. From the very beginning, they decided to create a company that went against traditional wisdom. Nathaniel has received recognition for his work from several publications such as Inc’s “30 under 30”, Food & Wines “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and under”, to name a few. Nathaniel mostly concentrates on the overall look and feel and the design concepts of the restaurants. Learn more: