Sahm Adrangi achieves excellent milestone at the Kerrisdale Capital Management

From to time, it has been business as usual at the Kerrisdale Capital Management during Sahm Adrangi’s tenure. However, Sahm Came up with a strategy that would see to it that the companies resources are streamlined to improve the general income that is generated. The directive by Sahm to shift focus onto the specific segments which the firm had expertise was a move that would ensure the company moves to the next level. It was a norm that the Kerrisdale Capital Management would conduct research programs that were then shared with various groups as well industries. An area that the company would start focusing on as directed by Sahm Adrangi was the Biotechnology sector. As a result, they had set the ball rolling in as far as development stages are concerned. The companies which focused on included Pulse Biosciences, Unilife, Bavarian Nordic, Sage Therapeutics, Zafgen among others. Secondly, the mining sector was another key area of focus, and they had begun establishing marketing valuations of some resources.

Since being formed in 2009 by the one and only, Sahm Adrangi who is also the Chief Investment Investment Officer at the Kerrisdale Capital Management, the company has passed through a series of growth and development process that was enabled it capture the financial market with authority. A closer look at the milestones achieved by the company during Sahm Adrangi’s tenure reveals an impressive growth of assets amounting to 150 million dollars as reported in July 2017. It was such as significantly improved from 1 million dollar value of assets the company owned during its inception in 2009. The achievements can be seen clearly as the byproducts of the excellent leaders’ skills apart from the hard work and diligence of Sahm Adrangi, read full article.

While serving at the Kerrisadle Capital Management, Sahm would get involved in an assortment of activities thus making him a personality that wears many huts. Besides, he worked as an activists as well as a speaker who spoke in several conferences. The platform he obtained opened a window for Sahm Adrangi to interact with numerous personalities. More so, he was highlighted some publications such as the Washington Post, the New York Journal, BusinessWeek among others and his Facebook.

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