Adam Milstein One of the Most Prolific Jewish Philanthropists in the World Today

Adam Milstein is amongst the top Jewish philanthropists in the world and the managing partner at the reputed real estate firm in the United States, Hager Pacific Properties, based in Southern California. Adam had served in the Yom Kippur War when he was in Israel and has studied at Technion, completing his graduation. He moved to the United States in 1981 to complete MBA and stayed back to pursue his dreams of a fulfilling career. However, the success Adam achieved helped him work for the betterment of the Jewish communities in the United States as well as elsewhere. Adam is the co-founder as well as the National Chairman of the Israel American Council and is a part of the many other Jewish organizations, including Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, AIS Los Angeles, and more.

Adam Milstein along with his wife Gila also runs the great Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which helps in bringing the Jewish and American people together and strengthening the ties between the two countries. The organization supports many local and regional organizations in the Israel that support the causes Adam and Gila believe in so that Jewish people get more opportunities and can build better lives for themselves. As the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein understands the challenges Jewish entrepreneurs and people in business can face in the United States and helps the Jewish people in the United States to come forward and seek help when needed, and

Adam’s Hager Pacific Properties manages and owns several million square feet of properties in the United States, which includes both commercial and residential space. He is a smart real estate investor and has gained the experience in the real estate industry by working as a real estate broker for several years after completing his MBA. Adam lives with his wife Gila Milstein in Encino, California, and is blessed with three children and three grandkids. Adam’s philanthropic foundation runs many scholarship programs for meritorious Jewish students to get scholarships to pursue higher studies and get the financial assistance they need and deserve to fulfill their dreams. Adam Milstein’s foundation also announces many programs to spread awareness about the Jewish legacy and contributions in the world, and

George Soros: The Boogieman of Conservative Returns

According to the article on, George Soros was born in Hungary; he fled the nation and put himself through LSE (London School of Economics) while working as a waiter and a railway porter before starting his career in finance at a British merchant bank. Soros later moved to NY, got a start on Wall Street, then established his hedge fund in the year 1969 with 12 million dollars. The hedge fund was later rebranded and called the Quantum Fund.

In the year 1992, with Stan Druckenmiller at his side, Soros shorted the British pound making such a grand profit that he was named as the gentleman who broke the BoE (Bank of England). Years later, he’s an investing heavyweight through the investment management firm called Soros Fund Management, LLC; his family office boasts 30 billion dollars in assets and

Soros hired Dawn Fitzpatrick in the year 2017, one of the most prominent women of Wall Street, to run Soros investment portfolio as Soros Fund Management CIO. Dawn is the seventh chief investment officer at Soros Fund Management, LLC since 2000. A longtime liberal causes supporter, Soros has been an aggressive critic of the U.S. President Donald Trump and more information click here.

According to the article on, the billionaire investor, who scaled-down his political offering after then-unprecedented 27-million-dollar spending spree to try defeating President George Walker Bush in the year 2004, had quietly emerged again as leading Democratic politics funder, and as a leading boogie man of conservatives. According to the interviews with Soros’ associates plus Democratic fundraising operatives and Federal Election Commission records, Soros had donated or committed over 25 million dollars for boosting Hillary Clinton as well as other Democratic candidates plus causes. And some of Soros’ associates said they expected him, who garnered a fortune estimated at 24.9 billion dollars through currency trades that were risky, to provide even more as the Election Day was about to reach.

Soros had prepared to attend his first-time Democratic convention to watch Hilary Clinton, with whom Soros has a two-and-a-half-decade relationship, accepted the Democratic presidential nomination. But an associate said that he decided on canceling the trip as Soros, who had returned to active trading recently, felt that he need to monitor Europe’s economic situation closely and learn more about George Soros.

Nonetheless, people who are close to Soros said that he appeared more politically committed than he has been in years, motivated, they said, by a blend of faith in Hilary and fear of Trump, the Grand Old Party rival, whom Soros had accused of doing ISIS work by stoking fears. Michael Vachon, who is Soros’ political adviser, said that his boss has always been a consistent Democratic cause donor. However, in 2017, the political stakes were extraordinarily high and

Financial Giant Agora Financial

Whether you are getting ready to retire or you have found that it is time to save up for retirement Agora Financial is here to help. Even if you know absolutely nothing about investing money, Agora Financial is the expert in their field. They can help you decide where the best place is to put your money so that you can get a decent return. They are the leaders in predicting major economic changes and using those as opportunities to invest and make money. They will give you financial advice that will your investment worth it.

Agora Financial was able to predict when gold investment would be beneficial, the mortgage crisis of 2008, and oil price spiking in 2008. All of these predictions occurred early enough for their customers to protect themselves adequately or invest accordingly. They were able to do this before any financial media caught wind of what was going on and learn more about Agora Financial.

This is a company that takes advantage of the several different types of media there are out there. They use print, post things online, they make informational videos, hold online seminars, make conference calls and would probably get ahold of their customers in any forum that makes the customer the happiest. All of their predictions are unbiased and they would never accept money from any company wanting to boost their coverage and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.

Given the boldness of their predictions, Agora Financial’s editors have been recognized by several publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Fox Business News, and several other financial publications and Agora Financial on Facebook.

Afora Financial is located in Baltimore Maryland in the Mount Vernon District. They currently reside in the building that once belonged to their parent company, The Agora. When they became an independent company in 2001 they happily took over the building and more information click here.

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José Borghi is One of the Most Influential Advertisers in Brazil

José Henrique Borghi, founder of the Mullen Lowe agency, previously known as Borghi Lowe, is renowned as one of the most prominent advertisers in the medium. He is the creator of campaigns of great repercussion like Mammals of Parmalat, in which children appeared dressed in animal costumes and sang memorable jingles and the one of the Sazón with the hit of Zezé di Camargo and Luciano, “It is the love”, that also is remembered to this day.

While still in junior high school, his sister called him to see a performance at the Castro Neves Theater to help him decide on his career. The performance was a display of profitable Vts that were given in Cannes. From there, José Borghi already knew what his career would be, but he could hardly have predicted that in the future he would be winning one of the Cannes lions.

Born in Presidente Prudente, José Borghi graduated from PUC Campinas in Advertising and Propaganda by PUC. His first job was in 1989 at the agency Standart Ogilvy. His exemplary workat the Ad Agency and surpassed reputed agencies such as the FCB, Talent and Léo Burnett. Together with Erh Ray they started BorghiErh.

They started with nothing and hard to work hard doing everything from media to planning, to designing and serving. The success was great and was soon bought by Lowe, becoming Borghi Lowe in December 2006. Recently merged with Lowe & Partners and the Mullen group, the agency is now called Mullen Lowe Brasil.

From the beginning of his career he has been in charge of important cases, besides those already mentioned. The advertiser’s campaigns for Honda and other large companies that have won several awards.The most prominent awards are: 14 Cannes Lions, 7 London Festival Awards, 10 The One Show Awards, 11 at the New York Festival, 15 April Advertising Awards among other Brazilian advertising recognitions and more information click here.

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Mike Baur and his role at the Swiss Startup Factory

He is a Swiss-based businessman and a well-known entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder and manager at Swiss Startup Factory.Baur has experience in the banking industry for the past two decades including at the Clariden Leu and UBS. Mike Baur holds an MBA from University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. His finance and business career began at Swiss Banking, and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own company.

Swiss Start-Up Factory is based in Zurich. It was launched in 2014 and looks for accelerated thriving digital entrepreneurs. The company provides various opportunities day today through its strength of its network in Switzerland and around the world. Swiss Startup runs a three-month accelerator program which provides a platform for mentorship, service delivery and coaching as well as networking opportunities to help up-coming entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Mike shows his business expertise by offering training and mentorship for business start-ups owners. Mike also provides funding advice and make an introductory meeting for his clients and potential clients.

He left the banking world and began investing his resources in various startup companies before forming and joining Swiss Startup Factory in the year 2014 with his managing partners Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.Baur participated as a juror at the Start Summiteer a pitching contest in the University of St. Gallen.

At the beginning of 2016, Mike Baur was named the deputy manager at CTI Investment when Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI. Mike Baur led the Swiss Startup Factory to an upward trend. Mike has experienced various success in his career and has featured in various business magazines and journals globally.

Mike hails from Fribourg Switzerland which he is still in touch with his roots. He had a lot of interest in Finance and Banking. He was so elated and greatly satisfied with his turning of his childhood passion as a profession that he well established.

Mike Baur spent almost twenty of his early years in Swiss Private Banking and climbed the ladder from an apprentice to Board member and Top executive of a largely independent and privately financed ICT Startup in Switzerland.

In his free time, Mike Baur is involved with the community and philanthropy works and is heavily involved in the lives of Young Swiss Entrepreneurship Programmes and various Swiss Startup Companies where he is a mentor and a financier at the same time.


Capital Challenges Buffett

Warren Buffett, whose proven his acute business acumen over the course of a storied career, recently made a wager with a group of hedge fund managers for $1 million to be donated to charity, that he can achieve higher returns by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. As the end-date for the wager approaches, it looks as though Warren Buffet will come out on top and collect the funds. Warren Buffett’s stance in making this wager came from his view that many of the funds currently available on the market are expensive and achieve such little return. According to Warren Buffett, simple, low-cost investments should be held for the long-term, therefore allowing a safer road to high-yield investments. While Timothy Armour agrees with much of Mr. Buffett’s strategy, their perspective’s diverge when it comes to the safety of utilizing the S&P 500 passive index fund. Armour believes that although traditionally thought to be the safe investment choice, it is now time to challenge that theory. As per a recent survey in which 1200 investors were reviewed online, nearly half of them were unaware of the volatility that they are exposed to during market downturns, as the safety factor is nearly nonexistent in comparison with its counterpart. Over time it has been observed that on average, actively managed funds have done worse, but there have been several exceptions that have outperformed. Timothy Armour looks to this example: If an investor placed $10,000 in the very first S&P 500 passive index fund, today he would have over $500,000, but if that same amount were placed in one of the top-performing active funds from American Funds, the return on investment would have been higher and more information click here.

Timothy Armour is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group and Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., having over 34 years of experience in the investment world. He graduated from Middlebury College in 1983, where he soon after joined The Associates Program, beginning his career with Capital Group and learn more about Timothy.

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Nathaniel Ru – Article recap

It seems like every day a new restaurant or restaurant chain is popping up somewhere, like mushrooms. Like mushrooms, they disappear after a short time, usually within six months. Sweetgreen is not one those restaurant chains. Started in 2007, SweetGreen is going from success to success and they now have over 40 locations around the country. The company was founded by three former college friends Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. The concept of the restaurant is simple. That is, to serve healthy, tasty salads, that are locally produced. It’s not only salads they are into, but soups also. Learn more:

Mr.Ru’s philosophy is very simple, he wants to provide healthier food for people. He wants the company to stand by that, and not be just another restaurant chain shoveling unhealthy food to customers on a daily basis. In fact, it was the trio’s experience while attending George Town University that they decided to start this restaurant concept, and they first opened one in the George Town area. The local restaurants basically served tasteless, unhealthy food. They knew that they were doing something right when during the first winter break after they opened, business was still going well despite the absence of college students. Learn more:

However, it’s not only about the food, that makes SweetGreen stand out. Their management style is different. Like most companies, they do not have only one CEO, but three. All three of them are CEO’s and they share responsibilities according to need. In fact, they don’t even have a corporate headquarters in the traditional sense. As Ru himself puts it “we want to decentralize our headcount”. SweetGreen is also a pioneer of sorts, as they were one of the first restaurants to take orders through their website, as well as through an app! Learn more:

Nathaniel Ru, one of the founders of SweetGreen, was born and raised in Pasadena, California. It was while attending McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University that he got the idea to start SweetGreens. He first talked about his idea with his classmates Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. From the very beginning, they decided to create a company that went against traditional wisdom. Nathaniel has received recognition for his work from several publications such as Inc’s “30 under 30”, Food & Wines “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and under”, to name a few. Nathaniel mostly concentrates on the overall look and feel and the design concepts of the restaurants. Learn more: