Entrepreneurship Lessons with Joel Friant

A wise investor reads about the pioneers in the business world to be enlightened. Joel Friant is one of the legendries we can learn from and improve our knowledge. He is the founder of the Habanero Shaker. He says that he was triggered by his love of the Habanero Chile Pepper to create the Habanero Shaker. He wanted the people to have the real experience and hotness of the product. He further explains that most of the Habanero Shakers in the market were mixed with cheap spices or salt and this destroyed the flavor.

Here are some of the business lessons that you can learn from Joel Friant;

  • Plan Your Work

Failure to plan your work leads to failure. For Joel Friant, he has a rule of having the difficult tasks done first and the simple ones later.

He says that it is so tempting, to begin with, the simple tasks, but it leads to procrastination of the hard jobs.

  • Nurture Helpful Habits

Most entrepreneurs are only stuck to the bad habits that lead to less productivity. It is crucial to replace such patterns with practices that improve your venture.

Joel Friant has a writing habit that has significantly contributed to his creativity. He says by writing down stuff he gives his mind a chance to process new ideas. It also clears his mind by saving it the energy to remember things.

  • Embrace Every Chance

Stop complaining about your job and learn instead. Joel Friant says that his worst job was scraping gums from the sideways. However, he still learned a life lesson that he holds on to, up to date.

He says that by looking at the gum, there was no chance of it disappearing. He had to get it done with, by working. He learned that having ideas and not evaluating them is utterly useless. To have results, you must act.

  • Learn From Your Past

Joel Friant says that if he had a chance to change something in the past, it would be his thinking. It took him long to understand that everything we want to achieve is all in our mind.

He says that we attract the people with the same attitude as ours and, therefore, if you want positive minds around you, you got to be one.

Read the interview with Joel: https://ideamensch.com/joel-friant/