Glen Wakeman talks about important lessons he has learnt in his life

Glen Wakeman is a great entrepreneur, an accomplished author, and a great public speaker. He utilizes his skills to share some great lessons with the people around him. He has had a successful career in various. Glen is one of the founders of 5 AM ventures.

The worst job that Wakeman did and it taught him a lesson was cleaning bathrooms for an automobile part of a factory since it was the only available job during summertime recession. He needed the cash to pay his college time. This gave him a lesson that there is dignity in every type of labor and it should never be taken for granted.

Glen Wakeman argues that if he were to start his career all over again, he would keep records of his friends, acquaintances, and anyone he met with in the ladder of his success and ensure he stays in contacts with them in a better manner. More so in this era of social media that has made it much easier to connect with making the world a global village. He argues that an entrepreneurship connection makes a difference either finding or funding gaining or losing customers. In the business, world connections make a difference between success and failure.

The “The Art of War” is a text written by Sun Tzu is the book recommended by Wakeman (AffiliateDork). He describes the book to have best strategies apart from being a timeless classic. This book gives life lessons such as discipline, teamwork, and invaluable preparations. The book too has great life concepts that are found in many pages which are applicable as real-world wisdom. He proposes that everyone should give it a chance since every page makes one want to read the more.

The best $100 spent by Wakeman was investing a Berlitz Spanish language course which opened his doors to his influence on other cultures, styles and expanded his mind to understand how the rest of the world thinks. The course made him want more of the world. Moreover, it gave him the confidence to ask his Argentine wife to go out on their first date.

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