The Exception Life Accomplishments of Betsy DeVos

Betsy Devos is an American millionaire and the current U.S Secretary of Education. Her father is the founder of a Michigan-based auto part supplier company, that is known as the Prince Corporation. Betsy is a major GOP financier as well as a party activist. She is married to Dick Devos, an heir to the Amway company. As a GOP financier, Betsy has contributed more than $14 million to the party’s finance network, super PACs, and PACs. During the 2014 and 2015 elections, she gave approximately $818,000 to the Republican Party to finance the re-election of 20 Republican Party senators.


As the secretary of US education, Betsy is a strong proponent of charter schools. At present, she is deeply immersed in efforts to reform the Michigan public school system. In this pursuit, she has had a significant victory in the creation of charter schools. Her involvement targets the improvement of the quality of education for half of Detroit’s school-going children. She was instrumental in 1993 during the passage of legislation that established a way for the establishment of charter schools.


Betsy has been interested in education for a long time. She demonstrates this commitment through her political actions and philanthropic efforts. Her father was once a public school teacher. He significantly helped in molding Betsy’s views on the American public education system. This is what makes her such an equivocal advocate of school choice. In her life cause, Betsy has supported charter schools both politically and in public forums. Being the secretary of education, Betsy continues her advocacy on this issues both domestically and internationally.


Betsy Devos’ philanthropy and work

Along with her husband Dick Devos, she co-chairs the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, an organization that invests in Christina missions, education, and politics. She has a colorful philanthropic tradition that goes back a long way. As a funder, Betsy is a significant donator to thinktanks, leadership institutes, and legal groups. Her family foundation supports other entities such as the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Mid West Michigan Aviation Academy, two Christian schools and the Education Freedom Fund.


Betsy DeVos graduated from the Holland Christian High School and later received a Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a past chair of The Philanthropy Roundtable. Her other remarkable achievements include serving on national and local boards of the American Enterprise Institute, ArtPrize, the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, and Foundation for Excellence in Education.


Her charitable activities bring show her attitude towards American education. In this regard, she has contributed funds to organizations such as FEE and the American Children Federation (ACF). As America’s education secretary, it is expected that her enthusiasm and tenacity will significantly transform the country’s public education landscape.


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