Mike Baur and his role at the Swiss Startup Factory

He is a Swiss-based businessman and a well-known entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder and manager at Swiss Startup Factory.Baur has experience in the banking industry for the past two decades including at the Clariden Leu and UBS. Mike Baur holds an MBA from University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. His finance and business career began at Swiss Banking, and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own company.

Swiss Start-Up Factory is based in Zurich. It was launched in 2014 and looks for accelerated thriving digital entrepreneurs. The company provides various opportunities day today through its strength of its network in Switzerland and around the world. Swiss Startup runs a three-month accelerator program which provides a platform for mentorship, service delivery and coaching as well as networking opportunities to help up-coming entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Mike shows his business expertise by offering training and mentorship for business start-ups owners. Mike also provides funding advice and make an introductory meeting for his clients and potential clients.

He left the banking world and began investing his resources in various startup companies before forming and joining Swiss Startup Factory in the year 2014 with his managing partners Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.Baur participated as a juror at the Start Summiteer a pitching contest in the University of St. Gallen.

At the beginning of 2016, Mike Baur was named the deputy manager at CTI Investment when Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI. Mike Baur led the Swiss Startup Factory to an upward trend. Mike has experienced various success in his career and has featured in various business magazines and journals globally.

Mike hails from Fribourg Switzerland which he is still in touch with his roots. He had a lot of interest in Finance and Banking. He was so elated and greatly satisfied with his turning of his childhood passion as a profession that he well established.

Mike Baur spent almost twenty of his early years in Swiss Private Banking and climbed the ladder from an apprentice to Board member and Top executive of a largely independent and privately financed ICT Startup in Switzerland.

In his free time, Mike Baur is involved with the community and philanthropy works and is heavily involved in the lives of Young Swiss Entrepreneurship Programmes and various Swiss Startup Companies where he is a mentor and a financier at the same time.