Livio Bisterzo’s Green Park Brands On The Rise As Investors Join In

Many entrepreneurs will attest to the fact that success does not come easily. For those who have been successful like the CEO Green Parks Brands Livio Bisterzo, they will tell you that they had to fail severally before getting to where they are today. Having begun his entrepreneurial venture back in college, Livio says that he tried to venture into different industries and sometimes he did fail miserably but still never lost his enthusiasm. This might be the reason behind the success of his fast growing brand globally.

In 2015, the 35 years old father of three founded the Green Park Holdings with a vision of operating brands that lead to positive change in the food and drinks industry. In 2016, Green Park Brands launched their first brand Hippeas which is a snack that has rapid growth both in the UK and US coming in six flavors. The nutritious snack brought into spotlight chickpeas and targets millennial globally. Hippeas are low in calorie, rich in protein and also non-GMO. Chickpeas also release nitrogen back to the soil so there is a mutual benefit for both the soil and the plant.

Recently, Livio Bisterzo made it known that they were pleased to have on board a new investor in their family who share with them their vision as a company. Apart from Strand Equity Partners, Academy award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has also invested a minority in the vegan company. DiCaprio is also an environmental activist.

The Italian entrepreneur based in Los Angeles has always had the passion towards leading a healthy lifestyle which saw him establish the Green Park Holdings. Bisterzo attributes his hard-working traits to his parents who he terms as very hardworking. In only a year, his brand had launched 18000 retailers and was still on the rise.

According to Livio, what encourages him most is the enormous feedback they get from people asking where they could get their products and also appreciate the brand. In 2009, he was nominated one of London’s most influential people.

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