Hussain Sajwani’s Success in Several Industries: a Proof of His Entrepreneurial Ingenuity

Recording outstanding success in a single industry is no mean feat. It requires huge investments in human and material resources. Even after all these, some firms still fold-up. This is a pointer to what success in more than a single industry entails. Only the gifted, perhaps, could attain such enviable height. It goes beyond just having huge human and material capital. Hussain Sajwani has not only excelled in multiple industries, he also keeps recording extraordinary breakthroughs with virtually all the numerous companies he possesses despite the fact that they are in different industries.


To people who knew Hussain Sajwani in his childhood days, his current business successes do not amount to a surprise. It was obvious to all and sundry then that he was a born-entrepreneur. His father, a Dubai middle class, owned a watch shop where young Hussain often resorted to after school to render some assistance. He was industrious and hardworking, and often displayed astute business acumen rare to find among kids of his age. The fact that he already possessed these qualities before acquiring western education leaves one to wonder what his level of competence will be now that he is a graduate of the prestigious University of Washington with a bachelor degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering.


Shortly after leaving the university, he decided to put to use his skills and endowment by briefing working for GASCO, a division of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He later left the company to set up his own firm. A catering company was on his mind, so he went for it. In no time the firm became one of the elite firms in the industry. The company’s performance was simply extraordinary. It was serving more than 200,000 meals every single day.


The same phenomenal success is currently being replicated in DAMAC Properties, another firm belonging to Hussain Sajwani in a different industry. DAMAC Properties started operation in 2002, and it is now the largest property developing company across the length and breadth of the Middle East. The phenomenal exploits of DAMAC has made many individuals forget the actual name of the founder; instead, they refer to him as the DAMAC owner.


The Middle East is now proving too small for the ever expanding DAMAC Properties. Aside owning and running some of the most equipped five-star hotels in Dubai and other key cities in the Middle East, the company is also into construction. Properties developed by the company are in virtually all continents. In fact, a couple of gulf courses belonging to the current United States’ President, Donald Trump, were developed by DAMAC in 2013.


The Hussain Sajwani family is today one of the wealthiest in the Middle East. However, they have not kept all the wealth to themselves as the family runs a number of charity foundations that provide financial assistance to underprivileged young men and women including children.

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David McDonald of OSI Industries Shares his Entrepreneurial Experience

David McDonald is popularly known for OSI Group where he serves diligently. When David joined OSI three decades ago, he confesses to having found a company full of potential and tremendous aspiration of growth. As such, he bought into the firm’s vision and enjoyed working with staff members who had “an appetite” for expansion. All along OSI industries have appreciated their clients as significant figures who are the reason they keep expanding their horizons. Their presence has grown in several nations, which makes their vision change shape and focus on premier global food provision. David McDonald, in an interview, discloses that they have been true to their mission, which is why their clients have driven their growth quite substantially and what David knows.

How OSI Group has Remained Relevant in Decades

OSI Group has expanded in very many nations so far. It started with development of numerous formal partnerships. While at it, all their associates learned how to study their specific markets and approach their customer needs uniquely. They then merged and created governance that would oversee business approvals for substantial expenditures. Over time some of their partners exited the markets, but they went ahead to maintain global sourcing ideologies. As David explains, OSI ensures continued relevance by ensuring brands act locally despite having an umbrella venture that is global. Narrowing down in such a manner helps them in leveraging their global presence and his Google.

Various Approaches That OSI Handles Uniquely

Innovation is highly valued at OSI Group. David McDonald is a fantastic leader who appreciates customer feedback. In fact, this is what challenges them to explore probable opportunities. Usually, menu creation crews are encouraged to come up with something new and unique, which goes a long way in pioneering modern-day food products. When they make mistakes, they are embraced as stepping stones on which they scale to greater heights. Additionally, OSI Group values their employees a lot. They hold them as a family, and this helps them work tirelessly towards achieving their family goals. Whether for their families or clients, OSI works smart to achieve worthwhile results. David encourages his colleagues to remain in pursuit as they work on delivering consumer preferences.

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Capital Challenges Buffett

Warren Buffett, whose proven his acute business acumen over the course of a storied career, recently made a wager with a group of hedge fund managers for $1 million to be donated to charity, that he can achieve higher returns by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. As the end-date for the wager approaches, it looks as though Warren Buffet will come out on top and collect the funds. Warren Buffett’s stance in making this wager came from his view that many of the funds currently available on the market are expensive and achieve such little return. According to Warren Buffett, simple, low-cost investments should be held for the long-term, therefore allowing a safer road to high-yield investments. While Timothy Armour agrees with much of Mr. Buffett’s strategy, their perspective’s diverge when it comes to the safety of utilizing the S&P 500 passive index fund. Armour believes that although traditionally thought to be the safe investment choice, it is now time to challenge that theory. As per a recent survey in which 1200 investors were reviewed online, nearly half of them were unaware of the volatility that they are exposed to during market downturns, as the safety factor is nearly nonexistent in comparison with its counterpart. Over time it has been observed that on average, actively managed funds have done worse, but there have been several exceptions that have outperformed. Timothy Armour looks to this example: If an investor placed $10,000 in the very first S&P 500 passive index fund, today he would have over $500,000, but if that same amount were placed in one of the top-performing active funds from American Funds, the return on investment would have been higher and more information click here.

Timothy Armour is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group and Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., having over 34 years of experience in the investment world. He graduated from Middlebury College in 1983, where he soon after joined The Associates Program, beginning his career with Capital Group and learn more about Timothy.

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