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Greg Aziz – Chairman at Cascade Systems

Greg Aziz is an icon in the world of business. He is an internationally recognized leader for his achievements in building one of North America’s most successful private companies. Canada’s 43rd richest person, with a net worth of $2.7 billion, Greg has had an amazing run as CEO of ATS since he first joined the firm 33 years ago. 


He has led its growth from a single manufacturing plant to a multinational corporation with over 11,000 employees operating in twelve countries and 15 locations around the globe. Greg Aziz´s accomplishments include growing ATS from a manufacturer of few high-end and luxury vehicles.


This, as he recalls, led to the number one low and mid-luxury vehicle brand in North America, launching the first full-line, private label car company in North America, and building Canada’s largest full-line, luxury vehicle dealer organization. Greg Aziz has been widely recognized by prestigious instances. 


Greg Aziz - Chairman at Cascade Systems

During his long tenure at ATS he has been named by Forbes Magazine as No. 3 on their All-America CEO 100 list and awarded the Canadian Global Leadership Award by the Canadian Council for International Cooperation. In addition, Greg Aziz was inducted into Canada’s Order of Ontario (the province’s highest honor for achievement and distinction).

Lastly, he was recognized as a Great Canadian by CBC’s The Fifth Estate. He has also been named one of Canada’s top 50 Most Powerful People in Business magazine. Greg Aziz is the Chairman and CEO of Aziz Automotive Inc. It is Canada’s largest full-line, luxury vehicle dealership network with over 50 locations across Canada and has been named one of Canada’s Most Powerful People in Business by the Canadian Business Magazine. In addition he is also widely recognized for his many accomplishments as a philanthropist and community contributor.