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Andrea Riposati’s Career

Andrea Riposati career has been focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. Andrea Riposati has conceptualized, founded, and served as CEO of successful start-ups in the areas of IT and digital media.Andrea Riposati is currently the CEO & Founder of Dante Labs, a fast-growing software development company that is redefining the way people learn to code in a cloud-based environment. MSA’s Online marketing team met with Andrea to hear her strategy for success in an ever changing digital landscape.

What is Dante Labs?

Dante Labs is a software development company based in Dallas TX, USA. Founded in 2010, Dante Labs has grown from a team of 7 to over 200 employees. Our mission is to put the power and flexibility of the cloud into the hands of everyone to make them more productive, more agile and better at what they do. We love our customers, the cloud, and what we do.

Why did you choose the cloud computing market to develop your business?

It’s a very exciting time to be in software! We’ve seen incredible changes in how software is delivered and used over the last decade. It all started with the first wave of software as a service (SaaS) companies that offered instant access to business applications online such as Google Docs or Salesforce CRM. Then came the second wave, which is much more disruptive with providers offering fully hosted and managed cloud solutions where businesses no longer had the burden of having to manage infrastructure on their own. It was a huge shift that led us to think about a new approach to help companies adopt cloud solutions.

How will your business utilize global support services as well as access to MSA’s dynamic community?

The global support services offered by MSA are key in our decision to join the MSA ecosystem.

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